Our Hedgeveg

Guernsey is renowned for its beautiful beaches, cliff walks and endless winding lanes, all signs of the vital role of tourism in the island’s economy. However, Guernsey was once heralded as an agricultural Eden, with its patchwork quilt of hedged fields raising Guernsey cattle and acres of glass under which were grown seasonal produce, but especially tomatoes. Remnants of Guernsey’s horticultural past survive in the island’s rich hedgeveg tradition – small roadside stands potted around the island that sell everything from flowers to jams and seasonal fruits. Unstaffed and relying on ‘honesty boxes’, these modest stalls highlight the island’s continuing pride in communal growing and informal provisioning. At Edible, we have our own hedgeveg stall where visitors can see and sample the full range of produce that we grow. Come and see for yourself!