Community, education, innovation

We want to reinvigorate Guernsey’s food landscape, encouraging sustainable and self-sufficient food production by providing a space that holds community spirit and social wellbeing at its core. We want to be a source for education and nurture innovative growing in Guernsey.

If you eat, you’re in.

Develop a community

We have a thriving community garden project that focusses on regenerative agriculture techniques to grow fruit and veg. for the community. Community gardens are shared spaces where we all work to grow and nurture food to harvest to plate up for our families and friends and sell our extra produce own little hedge-veg stall.

Education is one of our core principles and is the key to everything we do. Teaching our community, and the next generation, about what goes into growing produce in Guernsey is vital for the future. Eating locally and healthily is more important than ever and our education methods promote this.

become a base for education
in Guernsey

Encourage and invite innovation

We provide space to innovators; from tree surgeons and goat farmers to Juggling King Rum. This space is key to allowing these innovators to test, develop and run their business ideas. We like to help these innovators with likeminded values.

Interested in finding out more about our mission and how you can help? If you want to be part of this or just fancy simply getting your hands dirty, we’d love to hear from you.